Saftey is something that can never be compromised

Periscope aims to make the world a safer place for blind people around the world. More than 70% of the blind in 3rd woorld countries are often confined to the streats and are often homeless. This app will alow them to gain a new perspective and persue life as it was meant to be

How Periscope Works

Using machine Learing and facial recognition software with the help of the Google Vision API this app recognizes people who have interacted with or are close to the person in need in order to give them a natural conversation and better navigate thorugh socail experiences. Because saftey is our first priority, integrated into the app is recognition software of crosswalks, streeet signs, and traffic lights to make navigating city streets safer

Who Are We

We are a dedicated team of Hackers from Homestead and Evegreen High School. This project was designed in mind to creat equality for all, no matter the circumstances. Read our About Us Page to view our Bio

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